capturing emotions that are
pure, raw and real

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 sometimes the most important moments are in between the big ones.



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soft and faint whispers.

squeezing each other’s hand.

locking eyes.

remembering why you fell in love in the first place.

we know what love looks and feels like.

let us capture it for you.

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Hi, I'm Walt Afalla! I'm an adventurer of life and a wedding and portrait photographer based in Dallas, Texas. I love telling the visual stories of couples in love! Every love relationship is unique and my aim is to document that quality in an authentic and candid way; telling every story differently. Capturing the raw emotions and intimate moments of that special day is what I love about my job. I believe that sometimes the most special moments are the in-between ones.

I celebrate love in all of it's diversity and I’m fully committed to serving all couples regardless of background, ethnicity, gender identification, or sexual orientation...LOVE is LOVE.


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