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I live in Dallas, Texas with my life partner, Mark and my Welsh Pembroke corgi, Akamai. When I'm not working I enjoy traveling anywhere from cool climates in the Pacific Northwest and Canada to warm locations like Hawaii and the Bahamas. I love capturing my adventures both in photo and video. However, I have a strong background in graphic design and a passion for engineering, so I’m also comfortable shooting in urban environments incorporating architectural details into my work. I’m passionate about telling stories visually and extremely comfortable being behind the camera painting light on my subjects than in front of one.

Corgi lover / traveller / visual artist / YouTubeworm / trendsetter / adventurer / coffee lover / foodie / only boy / sixth child / night owl / tea drinker / gemini / nature addict / Partnered / Olukai wearer / first class airline fanatic / Land Rover owner


Headshot Photo by Peter Hurley


what is a white tiaré?

The name tiaré is derived from the word “tiara,” suggesting that the tiaré flower is the queen of all the flowers in French Polynesia. In Tahitian, it refers to a strong presence and means perfume, scent or fragrance. By putting the words together, tiaré quite literally means, 'a strong fragrance.’ And that’s how I want these images of my couples to have 'a strong presence' showing their love for one another.